Socially Responsible Investing

Our socially responsible investing practices aim to match your financial investments with companies that have strong environmental, social, or corporate governance track records. This empowers you to align your finances and your future with the values you live by.

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Invest according to your values

Stand for something

By investing in the kinds of companies you believe in, you’re supporting a better world not just for your finances, but for your family, friends, and community.

Be the change

Investing is just one way to live your values, but it ensures that the legacy you leave for your family is one they can be proud of.

Growth guided by values

Whether your focus is sustainability, ethics, social justice, or anything else, we’ll craft an investment portfolio that aligns with your values.

FAQs about Socially Responsible Investing

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), also known as “Ethical” or “Green” investing, bases itself around the foundation of avoiding investments in companies that produce products such as weapons, gambling, tobacco or alcohol. Instead a person looking to partake in Socially Responsible Investing would align their investments with companies where ethical & socially conscious themes such as environmental sustainability and social justice are in the forefront.

How does socially responsible Investing work?

Socially responsible investing considers environmental, social and corporate governance, also known as ESG criteria. These criteria help many socially responsible investors decide which companies or funds to invest in. This includes companies that respect the environment, treat their employees and suppliers fairly and promote ethical policies. SRI works the same way as any other style of investing. But SRI adds company ethics and social responsibility into the equation, instead of simply putting your money into securities for growth. SRI tends to follow political and social trends, this means they’ve been dedicated to women’s rights, civil rights and anti-war efforts in the past. Now, socially responsible investors’ focus has shifted to mostly sustainable solutions to 21st century challenges. This includes climate change and ethical business practices.

How can I invest responsibly?

We’ll start by identifying the level of risk you’re willing to take on. We are happy to have a conversation with you regarding your income and any current investments. Then, we can define what “socially responsible,” “sustainable” and “impact” mean to you. Do you want to invest according to green energy or more in female-led companies? Think about your moral, ethical, religious and social values. We’ll take a look at individual companies and investments by looking beyond financial statements. Then we’ll see how they measure up with their potential to impact a specific cause or movement.

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